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                    關于美格 About Us



                    美格國際成立于2005年,總部位于北京CBD,在上海、廣州和墨爾本設立業務公司。以“變格則美 REFORM IS BEAUTY”為經營理念,以品牌管理和市場營銷的創新和實踐為基礎,憑借領先的技術、專業的市場營銷模型,為客戶提供一站式專業化整合營銷服務,幫助客戶建立 MPSC 傳播生態系統,取得競爭優勢和商業成功。



                    In the internet social media communication booming era, Mega International P.R is committed to offer a professional and multi-dimensional “Marketing +” strategic consulting platform for enterprises. The business covers three major sectors: Public relations integrated marketing solutions, e-Commerce integrated marketing solutions, new media technology and operation solutions.


                    Mega International P.R was founded in 2005, headquartered in Beijing CBD, and established BD Offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Melbourne, Australia. The Company practices on the philosophy of “Reform Is Beauty”, focus on innovation, brand management, marketing, use the leading technology and professional marketing model to provide a One-Stop solution for professional integrated marketing services for various industrial and commercial clients. The Company helps them to create the MPSC communication ecosystem and to attain competitive advantages and commercial successes.


                    Since its establishment, the company has been providing various professional consultation services to many leading and innovative brands in the fields of IT, FMCG, finance, real estate, healthcare and automobile industries, etc. …