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                    Epson Innovation Days


                    PR Event Case

                    課題 Topic

                    The third Epson Innovation Days (EID) Conference, themed on green technology, was a highlighting of the brand image of Epson B2B.

                    策略 Strategy

                    From 2015 to 2016, through the holding of Epson Innovation Days conference, Epson has gradually demonstrated its unique technology, innovative products, corporate vision and complete solutions to the public. EID focuses on the hot topics of brand, innovative products and environmental protection, and lays out the media strategy on those three levels. The selected core media revealed the plan before the conference, live broadcast during the conference, and made hot discussions after the conference, created the media personal groups for friends. The format could be We media, official micro media and official media in multiple levels and viewpoints. The communication group also could integrate communication of PC+ mobile platform and could explore the story behind the brand and the technological merits.

                    周期 Cycle


                    亮點 Highlight

                    1. Innovative visual communication provided B2B content more reliable and charm, formed a hot spot on social new media communication.
                    2.Pushed up sharing in the media participants’ groups, which covered over 15,000 media journalists in China.
                    3.Primary school student journalists walked into EID conference, after which they made a copy on newspaper to express the new changes that Epson technology has brought to life.
                    4.ECORUN media participants had a morning run, actively advocated green and healthy life from their own attentiveness.

                    效果 Effect

                    1.The third Epson Innovation Day (EID) conference was upgraded again with strong influences and Baidu index has surged 4.5 times.
                    2.Compared to previous EID conference, the last EID overall media communication coverage increased 15%.